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"— My Heart Was Madness." turned 4 today!
hi, im graduating from high school this year and i wanted to attend istituto marangoni in milan in the fall. do you know what the deadline to enroll would be? And i would like to know your thoughts on the school & everything ! thank you in advance!

Hi! I think the dead-line is around May if I’m not mistaken, but applications are open now! What course are you looking for exactly? 

Hey Indou, i'm the girl who ask you about istituto marangoni a couple months back. I sent you an email but wasn't sure if you got it? Anyways, hope all is well in Milan! :)

Hi! I got it and I replied :)


Ogni giorno dopo essersi sfrenati i due cuccioli dormono insieme, un book fotografico realizzato dalla mamma ! :)

Duomo / Taj Mahal

Today, I could absolutely burst with happiness! This year has been absolutely fantastic so far- I’m living in the city of my dreams and every single day is a whole new experience. Something as simple as a quiet walk back home at midnight is so fulfilling and amazing.

I feel so much! I feel nostalgic for these streets as I walk them; an untold, unexpressed understanding that I will not be here forever, that makes me thirst and pine for more. I try to live harder… take every step more surely, with purpose..blink less, in order to see more, and exhale slowly to keep this feeling in me longer.. I love it so much, it almost hurts.

On some days this is the Italy I dreamed and yearned for, the cheese, the gelato, the street-performers, the churches, the cobblestone streets, the trams, the music in the speech..  other days it’s just another place.. a place where people are busy with their own lives, a place where the supermarket lines are always long, a place where cigarette smoke mingles so naturally with the smell of roasting chestnuts, the mundane with the beautiful,  a crowded metro, a relaxing day at the park… it’s just another stage in this confusing, terrifying world.

I love when people come up to me and ask for directions, I love knowing what to order without even looking at the menu, I love when Italian just springs to my mouth when I’m animatedly talking about something. Looking at tourists taking pictures make me smile, the pigeons annoy me, the novelty has worn off, and in the remains there lies a fierce sense of love for this place that on some days feels just like home.

"The film is completely circular. You start and end with the sunrise.

(Joe Wright, Director)

A letter to my brave best friend.

Living alone and being by yourself is the single most scariest thing at this point in your life..(don’t I know it!) but remember, you only have very few years in your life to live this way, before you have a family and responsibilities that extend beyond yourself. I think you are careful and cautious with your expenditures and importantly, I think you are responsible and sensible. Take some time out to take care of yourself, because honestly, only you can. Chennai is so close by! You can go in a heartbeat, over night, 5 hours! If you’re sad or lonely… you will always always have a home there. BUT, you have a home in Bangalore now too.. it isn’t almost a home.. it is YOURS..already. The sooner you realize that, the faster you will love it. I loved coming home, but when my parents nagged me about something, or if something irked me about Chennai, the first thing i thought of is my cute, tiny, JUST(sometimes barely) sufficient apartment where EVERY single thing is mine and every household chore or job is done SOLELY by me. I felt so comforted.. this place is entirely and completely mine. I make the rules, I take care of myself, I am responsible for me…whether it comes to goofing off, working or just being absolutely and completely ill. It’s so liberating, not to mention absolutely wonderful..and I know you will feel that way soon, I just know it..let your heart be afraid and then watch as you become the bravest you have ever been! And if you mess up, if you fail, if you struggle.. so what?! You will always have Chennai- comfort, family, best friends, nikki, Bailey, Me! you have people in all sorts of places pulling for you! Give it your best damn shot! It WILL work out..even if it doesn’t work out the way you think it should, it will work out in ways you cannot even imagine, and that’s probably going to be the best part! Embrace it teebs, once you do, you’ll be happier than you’ve ever been!